Move Over Pumpkin, There’s a New Spice in Town

Okay, don’t move too far. Obviously, people love pumpkin spice, and that isn’t going anywhere. But what if you aren’t a fan? What if you love everything about autumn except for pumpkin spice? Where can the average fall-lover turn to get his or her autumnal flavor fix? Two words: maple syrup. Or, more precisely, 100% Pure Maple Syrup from Maple Grove.

Maple syrup is the perfect addition to a variety of classic fall dishes, desserts and drinks. It pairs well with warming spices cinnamon and ginger in pancakes or even maple glazes for ham, salmon or seasonal vegetables. Pair maple syrup with pumpkins, squash, and carrots  in a variety of dishes, or simply use it in an apple dip (this works really well with cinnamon, trust us!).

Fall calls for warm (or warming) drinks, and maple is tailor-made for a variety of these festive treats. It makes a wonderful addition to hot chocolate, or you can forgo the chocolate altogether and make warm maple milk. It’s a healthier alternative to sugar in drinks like apple cider and hot tea. And it’s a staple for many bartenders, frequently used in hot toddies and even fancier cocktails like maple old fashioneds or maple mojitos.

And, of course, maple is still a key ingredient in tons of desserts, beyond being a topping for waffles and French toast. Try adding it to an apple pie, glazed donuts, maple walnut cake, and lots more. Fall? Sorted. Thanksgiving? Even more sorted.

Need inspiration? Here’s some additional recipes to get you started.

See our varieties of Pure Maple Syrup here – featuring Organic, Golden and Amber colors.

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