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At Maple Grove Farms, we are committed to providing safe, high quality food products. We strive to meet or exceed all government and company food safety and quality requirements. Due to this commitment to food safety and quality, as well as the physical safety of the public and our factory workers, we no longer provide public factory tours. However, we continue to welcome visitors to our Maple Museum and Gift Shop located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. In addition, we plan to introduce a video tour of the Maple Grove Farms facility in the near future.

Our beginnings were in 1915, creating maple confections and Pure Maple Syrup. Learn more on our About Us page.

As the largest packer of Pure Maple Syrup in the country, we go out of our way to provide you with the finest syrup possible. That’s why our Grade A Dark Robust is renowned for its wonderful all natural flavor, color, consistency and thickness.

100% Pure Maple Syrup is a true delicacy of nature, made entirely from the sap of northern sugar maple trees. Gathered in early spring (late February to April) while the snow is still in the woods. Conditions must be ideal with temperatures rising into the 40’s (ºF) during the day and dropping below the freezing point at night. The sap is still boiled down over roaring, wood fires. America’s first settlers learned the process from the Native Americans who collected sap in hollowed-out logs and steamed away the water by dropping in hot stones.

There are over 100 varieties. But only the Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) has the high concentration of natural sugar to produce maple syrup.

Sap is a watery liquid produced by northern sugar maple trees in early spring. It is clear and has a very slight sweet taste. On average, sap contains about 2% natural sugar. Some trees produce less, but some have been known to produce as much as 10%. With warmer weather approaching, the “sap run” nears completion. This causes maple leaf buds to swell. The syrup takes on a strong molasses flavor. This signals the end of the sugaring season.
It takes up to 40 gallons of sap to produce just one gallon of pure and natural maple syrup.
Unopened containers of pure maple syrup may be left in a cool, dark place for about one year without refrigeration. After opening, the syrup should be refrigerated. Freezing keeps open or unopened containers indefinitely, and the liquid will not solidify. Any harmless mold that forms on the surface of opened syrup may be skimmed off, and the product may be used after reheating on the stove or in the microwave. Place reheated syrup in a fresh, clean container and refrigerate. Glass is recommended as it preserves the color and flavor longer than other containers.

It all begins with a trip to the Vermont woods! Maple sap is gathered from sugar maple trees with buckets, tubing and drills and taps to gather the sap. In the old days, buckets were placed on each tree and a horse drawn sleigh with a large tub made the rounds each morning to collect the sap. These days, the trees are tapped and collect sap through an intricate line of tubing that extend to a large collection tank.

USDA Grade A Golden, Grade A Amber, and Grade A Dark are considered table grades. USDA Grade A Very Dark is an intense, strongly flavored syrup. Grade A Golden, used for maple candy and maple cream, has a light, delicate maple taste which is terrific on ice cream or pancakes, and is made early in the season; Grade A Very Dark is made late. Fancy Grade is also made early in the season. It has a light, delicate maple taste which is terrific on ice cream or pancakes.

Maple candy is made by boiling down maple syrup, stirring it, and pouring it into molds for hardening. Pure maple candy is made from maple syrup only. Blended maple candy contains cane sugars in addition to maple syrup.

Maple cream has a consistency of thick honey. It is made by boiling syrup to a slightly lower temperature than that for maple candy, then cooling and stirring.

Boiled to a richer consistency than regular maple syrup, the thickened syrup drizzled over a pan of fresh, clean snow creates a rich taffy, called “sugar-on-snow.” Often served with a dill pickle to enhance enjoyment.

We will add new tasty treats just as soon as they become available. Bookmark our site and visit often for new products, info and changes.

Maple Grove Farms offers the finest products available anywhere. Not only do they make wonderful holiday gifts but these tasty treats are enjoyable year ’round! Birthdays, special occasions or perhaps for a little personal indulgence. Anytime is the right time to order.

Can’t decide? Send a Maple Grove Farms Gift Certificate for any amount-and let your gift recipient do the shopping! We will include your own personal message and our catalog for easy, at-home shopping. Great for corporate gifts too!

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