-Get Sweet On-


Here at Maple Grove Farms®, we celebrate nature. It surrounds us, inspires us and is the source for all of the irresistible flavors we create. That’s why we’re committed to reducing our footprint by cutting waste and raising awareness for how we can each give back to the planet that gives so much to us every day.

-Zero Waste Landfill-


In partnership with the TRUE certification program, we launched our Zero Waste Landfill Project in 2014 with the goal of achieving 91% reduction in waste diversion from landfills in five years. Thanks to the passion and unwavering dedication of our employees, we surpassed our goal ahead of schedule and reached a 92% waste diversion rate by 2016.

When you choose Maple Grove Farms®, you can feel great knowing that every bite is made to make our world a little bit greener.

Our 125,000 SF Facility in St. Johnsbury, Vermont is TRUE Zero Waste Certified.

We were honored with the 2017 Vermont Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

-Growing Our Good-

Today, we continue our sustainability efforts by upholding TRUE’s Zero-Waste standards in our facility and pursuing other practices that protect and preserve our environment.


We want to be part of the solution to our world’s growing landfill issue. That’s why we use recyclable paperboard, glass and high-quality, easily recyclable #1 or #2 plastics for the few items we bottle in plastic.


The best ingredients make the best foods, so we are dedicated to responsible ingredient sourcing and production. This includes securing USDA Organic certification and Non-GMO Project Verification for some of our products.